Don’t struggle with addiction alone.

Support is available in Cecil County to help you rewrite the next chapter of your life.

Call the Cecil Addiction Treatment Coordination Hotline (CATCH).

Find local overdose prevention, addiction treatment and recovery support in Cecil County.

443-245-3257 Available 24/7

Medication-supported recovery (MSR)

Combined with counseling, medication-supported recovery is proven to work.

Learn about MSR

Free Narcan® and training

Narcan nasal spray reverses opioid overdoses and saves lives. Call 443-245-3785 to get free Narcan as well as training on how to use it.

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Harmony services save lives

Our confidential, free harm-reduction services are provided for people who use drugs. Services include safer-use supplies, HIV and Hep-C testing, wound-care referrals, fentanyl test strips and more.

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Good samaritan law

In Maryland, if you call 9-1-1 to report someone experiencing an overdose, you cannot be arrested or prosecuted for a low-level drug crime.

Call and save a life

RX drug drop-off

Drop off expired or unused prescription medications safely at these Cecil County locations. No questions asked.

Drop-off locations

Outreach materials

Print or order materials to make your community aware of the help that’s available.

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You can rewrite your script. Cecil County can help.

Nearly 2 million people in the United States are dependent on prescription painkillers like Vicodin®, Percocet®, Demerol®, Tylox®, OxyContin® and others. These opioids are safe when used correctly. But they have the same active ingredients as morphine and heroin. When used incorrectly, they can lead to addiction, destroyed lives and even worse. But prescription pills and other opioids don’t have to rule your life. You can rewrite the next chapter — and Cecil County is here to help.

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